Hewlett-Packard: Industry-leading hardware

HP_Logo…with the top-notch support and service to back it up. As an authorized HP and HP Enterprise reseller, we are able to provide your organization with all of the new or factory refurbished IT equipment you need. From servers to workstations to notebook and desktop PCs, we’ll find the right device and configuration for your needs, and at a price that fits your budget. Learn more


Google: Unleash the power for your organization

Google WorkspaceEvery organization needs a simple way for their staff to work smartly and collaborate efficiently. These days, that means from any device, not only the standard desktop PCs of the last decade.

Google Workspace is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps your organization do just that. If you’re accustomed to using Gmail, you already know about the core functionality. But Google Workspace extends the advanced email capability by adding document storage and sharing, calendaring, and more, and it’s all centrally managed by you or us. And Google Workspace is vastly expandable with thousands of add-on tools available in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

There are editions of Google Workspace for business as well as education and non-profit organizations. We have deployed both types many times for organizations in many different industries, from healthcare to engineering to sporting governing bodies. Contact us today to learn how Google Workspace can benefit and streamline your organization, and let you work on what you do best: managing and growing your organization.

For all the details you could possibly want and then some, visit the official Google Workspace web site.

Netgate and pfSense: Scalable security, unmatched value

Combine pfSense, the world-class open source network security software, with Netgate’s high-performance hardware and you have a state-of-the-art security platform that competes with the big players at a fraction of the cost. Netgate hosts the pfSense development community to enable tight integration of software and hardware and collaboration that continuously improves security and features. Because pfSense is open source, there are never additional licensing fees to add features which results in a lower total cost of ownership than the competition. Learn more

nexVortex: Business Grade Voice over IP

nexVortex: Business class VoIP PBXsnexVortex is a leader in Voice over IP (SIP) services. Unlike other SIP providers, nexVortex did not start out as a residential provider and move into the business arena. nexVortex was built from the ground up to be a business-class provider. They work directly with FortiVoice, formerly Talkswitch, as do we, to ensure a seamless and highly cost effective communication platform. In their own words,

“nexVortex SIP Trunking services allow businesses to sever the tie from traditional phone service and make VoIP phone calls directly from an IP PBX or similar VoIP enabled devices by leveraging a new or existing internet connection. The nexVortex Advantage provides customers with trunk scalability without paying for channels, a national footprint for number access/E911, and flexible billing plans which historically save customers 30% – 40% over PRI and Analog lines.”

nexVortex plans are affordable, configurable, and super flexible. Plans are available for organizations of any size, from a one or two person office to large scale call centers. And they offer many advanced features such as E911 and automatic disaster recovery routing.

Contact us today to discuss how nexVortex SIP services, with a FortiVoice business phone system or your own system, can slash some of your organization’s telecom expenses!

Ting: Mobile that Makes Sense

FRG and Ting: Mobile that Makes SenseTing is our absolute favorite mobile provider. They have great rates, no overage penalties, credit on light months, multiple devices on one plan, and much much more. In fact, you can read 16 super reasons Ting rocks on their web site. Want to know if Ting can really save you money? Visit their savings calculator and you’ll learn right away.

Once you’re convinced, but before you create a new account, make sure to get there through our portal. Do so and you’ll get a $25 service credit!

As if all that isn’t exciting enough, check out Ting’s Blog for tons of updates on devices, upcoming events, apps everyone should have, and more.

FortiVoice: IP PBX Phone Systems for Business

FortiVoice, formerly Talkswitch, phone systems and phones deliver intelligent call handling in a simple, affordable and user-friendly package. FortiVoice products are easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use, and come complete with everything a business needs to handle calls professionally, control costs and stay connected everywhere.

Unbeatable value, the perfect features, easy setup, and flexible growth make FortiVoice phone systems the only logical choice for small businesses. Read more about it or Contact us today for more details and pricing information!