Scalable security with unmatched value and performance

“pfSense® software provides world-class, comprehensive network security using an open source development and distribution model. Netgate® – the host of the pfSense project and its primary developer – delivers pfSense in appliance form, with high-performance Intel® hardware delivering up to 10Gb throughput with VPN/SSL offload and advanced firewall features found in more expensive, proprietary products.

“Because pfSense is available under an open source license, the internals of pfSense software are accessible to all skilled developers, rather than a single vendor’s staff. Collaboration with this community enables Netgate to continuously improve the state-of-the-art technologies included with pfSense, increasing value to businesses and institutions of all types. Since there are no additional maintenance or licensing fees, pfSense appliances offer lower total cost of ownership than competing network security vendors.

“Netgate’s engineering team adds to these advantages its unparalleled expertise in networking, computer security, embedded software, and hardware engineering. We test, tune, and benchmark every appliance to satisfy the most rigorous requirements, from SOHO to Enterprise to Cloud.”

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